Rena’ Keith

Who am I?

Wow! That is a question I’m asking myself everyday. For now, all I can tell you is I am an imperfect daughter of a perfect Savior. I don’t understand every aspect of my past, nor do I know exactly where this journey of life is carrying me. I do know the King of all creation created me for a unique purpose. While I do not always see the snapshots of my life clearly, nor do I fondly embrace some of the photographs of my past, I know He is completing His masterpiece entitled, Essie Rena’ Keith.

“My life is not mine to define.” 


I know what it is like to lose what is held and cherished as normal. I know how it feels to have my normal ripped away from me. I know the fear, depression, guilt, hopelessness, and anger that come from losing my normal. Yet, I know the peace; the unfathomable peace that leads to trust. Trust that leads to living one day at a time. I also know the awe of after taking so many uncertain steps, being able to look back at how each trustful step is redefining me.

“One step often feels insignificant, but without that one step you go nowhere.”


I do not believe God took my normal from me. I do believe that because of sin and the broken world in which we live, each of us are surrounded with consequences of the choices in this life. I believe none of us deserve more love or protection than another and the choices made can define who we are or redefine us all together! I believe I have a choice. I can live in guilt, regret, confusion, and anger or I can live in the sufficient grace of my creator. I don’t believe God took my normal, but I do believe He is redefining it.

“God did not take my normal, but He is redefining it.”